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Our current development portfolio consists of 8 products (IR & CR) being developed at the facility of USV Private Ltd, India. The total brand sales - MAT 03/2019 were over $650 Million. Of the 8 products, 1 is at the ANDA submission stage, 1 project at the pivotal biostudy stage, 2 projects under the pilot biostudy stage, 3 projects at the ANDA batch manufacturing stage and 1 project are under development.

Our portfolio also includes developing specialized products at other contract research organizations (CROs) and this portfolio includes Solid and Injectable dosage form.

The short term goal of Indicus Pharma for next couple of years is to submit 3-5 ANDA per year. We expect to submit 2 ANDA and 2 ANDA approvals before end of Year 2019.
Welcome To Indicus Pharma.
Indicus Pharma is a US based pharmaceutical company, registered in the State of Delaware and headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company started in 2005 with the focused on the development and manufacture of niche generic formulations for the US market.

Niche generics are technically challenging products with limited competition in the US Generic market which fetches greater market share with higher returns. These products are developed using specialized technologies that can be patented.

Indicus Pharma is incorporated as a strategic alliance between USV Private Limited, India and Dr. Nitin Sheth (President & CEO: Indicus Pharma) with the goal of capitalizing on the opportunity in the US generic industry.

Our strong marketing alliance and flexible business arrangement policies help us to create long-term, reliable partners. With a full development of products suggested by our clients, we also undertake new molecule development as well as engage in co-development practices.

Our Journey since 2005:

Over the years Indicus has developed several products and placed in US market, through co-development partnership with major pharmaceutical companies. As of 2019 we have submitted 47 applications of which 32 applications got approval from the Agency. At any time Indicus Pharma has 8 to 15 products under active development. More products are added in this development portfolio once applications are submitted to the Agency.

Indicus Pharma has successfully engaged in co-development partnerships with several pharmaceutical companies on various products.

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