Mr. Prashant Tewari
Managing Director, USV Ltd., India.

B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur.M.S. Mechanical Engineering,
Cornell University, USA.

Work Experience.
Systems Engineer - Singer Link, USA
(1981 - 1986)

Designed, developed and installed power plant
simulators for
power utilities like AKU - Sweden;
NTPC - Korba.

Managing Director, USV Limited.
Overseeing the transformation of USV to a research led, specialised company with leadership in diabetes and cardiovascular care areas.

USV today is perceived as a reliable partner for supply of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Finished Products to major Generic & Innovator companies om the US, Europe and Japan. Over the Last 6 years, USV has an IP Portfolio of 45 patents in areas of drug delivery, chemistry and biotechnology